Lockview High School

November 20th, 2018


1) Good luck to the Varsity Girls Basketball team as they play at Auburn tonight at 6 pm.
2) Good luck to the JV Boys Basketball team as they play at Sackville tonight at 6 pm.
3) Good luck to the Boys Hockey team as they host CPA tonight at 8 pm at the Sackville Arena.  Reminder of the following guidelines for hockey home games:
     -NO BAGS/PURSES will be allowed in the Arena if so they will be searched before entering.
     -Drinks of any kind will not be allowed to be taken into the rink.
     -Once inside the arena if you leave the arena proper you will not be allowed back into the game.
     -School rules apply.
     -Student ID's will be checked.  Students may not be allowed entry without their ID's.
4) Good luck to the JV Girls Volleyball team as they take on Horton in a provincial qualifier today at 4 pm.  The girls are to be dismissed at 2 pm.
5) Good luck to the Girls Hockey team as they play at Auburn today at 3:30.  The girls are to be dismissed at 2 pm.


1) The blue and gray needs your input! If there are any students interested in writing for the yearbook, please see John in the yearbook room, across from the B100 pod, at lunch today.
2) If any students have a preferred name that they would like used in the yearbook, please see John in the yearbook room at lunch today.
3) Yearbooks are available for purchase on our school website.  They are 50.00 dollars and there are only 200 available so order yours soon!
4) Graduating students who want their grad photo in the yearbook must make sure that they get their picture taken with the school photographer during the grad photo sessions taking place from Dec. 3-14.  Students must make an appointment for a yearbook only sitting and do not have to pay for this.  Remember to inform the photographer that it is for the yearbook.   


*There will be a Youth Action Team meeting today at lunch in the Youth Health Centre.

*Improv.  Club - There will be a 5 minute meeting for all those that participate in the lunchtime Improv club.  Please meet in Mr. Bauckman’s room at the beginning of lunch. This has to do with selection of the competitive team as well as the event on Thursday evening so it is important that everyone please attend.

*Graduation Photos will take place at Lockview from December 3rd – 14th.   You will need to book your sitting time online at: https://calnenphotography.setmore.com/resourcebookingpage/r7135151190091... . This link is posted on the Lockview Website Home Page.