Lockview High School

January 25th, 2019

Lt. Governor Nomination Call
The Lieutenant Governor’s Medal is given to two (2) Grade 11 students who show leadership, strong community and school involvement, and have commendable marks.  This award is based on a balance of the three criteria listed above.  Students who are in the high honors category do not necessarily win the award.  The marks only have to be commendable.  Leadership and involvement are weighed into this decision.  The priority is leadership; second is involvement; third is commendable marks. 

As a student or community member, please feel welcomed to nominate a deserving Grade 11 student. Please forward the Grade 11 student's name to Mr. Blakeney by Friday, Feb. 8th at jblakeney@hrce.ca

Youth Health Centre:
*The YHC is collecting warm mitts, hats, scarfs, socks and toiletries for Phoenix Youth Programs. Please bring donations to the Youth Health Center.

Grade 12 Parking Passes
*All parking passes must be handed in to Ms. Daigle in Student Services by the end of exam period next week.

*The final Exemption list will be posted outside the main office at Noon today.