Lockview High School

February 4th, 2019

*Lt. Governor Nomination Call
The Lieutenant Governor’s Medal is given to two (2) Grade 11 students who show a balance of leadership, strong community and school involvement, and have commendable marks.  
As a student or community member, please feel welcomed to nominate a deserving Grade 11 student by forwarding the Grade 11 student's name to Mr. Blakeney by Friday, Feb. 8th at jblakeney@hrce.ca.

*Attention Grade 12 students:  Many post-secondary institutions are planning Lockview school visits and open houses during the months of February and March.  For the latest information please check out Lockview's Student Services calendar at

*All small and large ensembles start up this week.  Senior band will be on Tuesday after school and Jazz band Thursday after school.  Pit band will practice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week – check google classroom for times.  Ensembles will be on Wednesday at lunch.
Ensemble leaders should meet with Mrs. Burtt for repertoire.  Senior band students who are in grades 9 and 10 should pick up music today at lunch

*Reminder to Grade 12’s, your parking passes from last semester are no longer valid.  Please hand them in to Ms. Daigle in Student Services ASAP so that new applications can be handed out.

*Attention AV Team.  There is an AV Team meeting at the start of lunch today in Mr. Boudreau's room, B111.

* First semester Art Students, please pick up any work you would like to keep in the F Pod ASAP.

*The Charity group is hosting a We are silent campaign on Thursday February the 7th.For this activity students choose to go silent for the duration of the school day to bring awareness to various world issues. There will be an information session on Tuesday at Lunch for all interested. We hope to see you there!

*Hey Lockview!  Remember to join the Reading Challenge against JL Ilsley. Grab a book and READ then record how many pages you have read.  Give it to your English teacher or Mrs. Powell in the Library.  Every page counts. The Challenge runs from now until the end of March.

*Lockview High has our own app.  Install it to keep on top of important information.

*Stock has made some bus changes to the Lockview family of schools starting today.  Please check the bus routes posted on the window outside the main office to see if you have been affected by these changes.

*The month of February is African Heritage month.  Each day on the announcements we will celebrate a person who has made a contribution to African Heritage in Canada.  Today we will highlight Josiah Henson. 
-He rescued 118 slaves
-He won a medal at the first World's Fair at the Crystal Palace in London
-Queen Victoria invited him to Windsor Castle
-Rutherford B. Hayes entertained him at the White House
-He raised millions for the abolitionist cause and started a Canadian school for refugees
-He helped start a freeman settlement, called Dawn that was known as one of the final stops on the Underground Railroad
-He was the real-life inspiration for Harriet Beecher Stowe's UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, the novel that Abraham Lincoln said sparked the Civil War

But before all this, Josiah Henson was brutally enslaved for more than forty years before escaping 600 miles to Canada with his wife and four sons. Jared Brock retraced Henson's journey from slavery to freedom and created a documentary to tell the story. The film will premiere tonight (Feb 4th) on TVO and PBS.