Lockview High School

November 7th, 2019

1) Congrats to the Boys Volleyball team on their 3-0 win over Cole Harbour this week.

2) Congrats to the JV Girls Volleyball team on their 3-0 win over JLI yesterday.

3) Good luck to the JV Girls Volleyball team as they play at Millwood today at 4 pm.  The girls are to be dismissed at 2:45 pm.

4) Good luck to the Boys Hockey team as they begin play in CPA's Cheetah Challenge today.

5) Members of the Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls, and JV Girls Soccer teams are asked to return their uniforms to Mr. Wilcox asap.

6) Congrats to the Boys Hockey team on their 5th win in a row after defeating PA 2-0 last night.  Blake Fraser led the way with a pair of goals while Ben Guenette recorded the shut out.

Europe Trip 2020:
*There will be a VERY IMPORTANT Europe 2020 trip meeting tonight at 6 pm in the cafeteria. A representative from every traveler`s family should be there. We will be discussing important deadlines and details of the trip and will require important information from each traveler. Please, bring something to write with and something to keep notes in. See you all there. It won`t be long now!!!!!!!

*There will be a meeting today at lunch in the Youth Health Centre for anyone interested in helping out with the breakfast club.

*The potential exemption list has now been posted outside of guidance. Please check for your name, you will have one week to make any corrections for the months of September and October.  Any necessary corrections must be made no later than Friday, November 15.