Lockview High School

November 25th, 2019

1) Congratulations to the Varsity Boys Basketball team on winning the Sackville Kingfishers tournament this past weekend. 

2) Good luck to the Girls Hockey team as they take on CPA today at 4 pm at BMO.  The girls are to be dismissed at 2:45 pm.

*MSVU roundtable last call.  On Tuesday at lunchtime here at Lockview high, MSVU's President would like to meet with interested Grade 12 students.  MSVU will be providing pizza to the participants.  To date only one student has expressed interest in this event.  Please e-mail Mr. Blakeney ASAP at jblakeney@hrce.ca or the event may need to cancelled.

*Jazz band will be held on Wednesday after school this week rather than Thursday.

*Are you tired of the constant pressure society puts on you? If so, come colonize NT-629, a brand-new Earth where nothing can harm you... The grade 11 and 12 Drama classes are finalizing set-up for Humans vs Aliens which will take place Monday, November 25 from          6-9pm. Come to the main forum at lunch today for sign-up. The cost is $10 and will go towards funds for the arts department!

*Hey Lockview! Your Charity club would like you to start using reusable water bottles! Our school goes through approximately 825 water bottles each week and we would like to see those numbers decrease.  The Charity club has been doing collections and it would be helpful if everyone could keep garbage out of the recycling bins and empty out any liquid you are not going to drink before putting your drink containers in the recycling bin.  Thank you!