Lockview High School

February 9th, 2021

1) Good luck to the Boys Hockey team as they begin their playoffs tonight against JLI at 6pm at the Spryfield Arena.

2) Tryouts for the Boys and Girls Rugby teams continue today with the Boys at 4pm and the Girls at 6pm.  Students who have not yet filled out the Google sign in form are required to do so.  The form can be found on the Athletics website and the School App.

*A reminder to grade 9 students who are interested in applying to the O2 program for next year that your applications are due to Ms. Bianco in room F113 no later than February 15.  If you are interested in applying but have not yet picked up your application, please see Ms. Bianco ASAP.

*Students of Lockview, please return textbooks from previous years asap. There is an amnesty, no questions asked, just bring them back. If your brother or sister has books home belonging to the school, bring them back too. We are short on many texts because they are not being returned. Bring them back to Mr. Stacey or the library. We really appreciate your help.

*A reminder to students that masks are mandatory in school. Please bring your reusable masks from home each day, and put an extra in your bag as the office has no further stock of disposable masks. All students should have received 2 re-usable masks in September and again in January.  If you have not received yours, please stop by the office to pick them up.