Lockview High School

January 20th, 2021

*A reminder that masks are mandatory in schools.  We will not always have disposable masks available so please ensure you bring a mask, as well as a spare in your backpack, each day.  Students who arrive at school without a mask to wear will be sent home. If you have not received your new package of 2 re-usable masks this month please stop by the main office to pick them up.

*Students in grade 9 who are interested in applying to the 02 program, please see Ms. Bianco in room F113 or Mr. Goora in room C110 for information or the application form

*Attention students who drive to school! Parking is available in the student parking lot or in the outside L of the staff parking only at all times of the day! If these spaces are full you will need to park elsewhere and walk to school.  Students have begun parking in the staff area lately and if this continues parking tickets will be issued to all vehicles in the staff lot without a visible and valid parking pass.