Lockview High School

September 7th, 2022



*Stand up against bullying day will take place at Lockview on September 15.  Wear a pink shirt to show your support.

*Our lunch hour has changed this year and will be from 12 - 1.


* Information regarding Athletics can be found on the Athletics website which is linked on the school's main page, as well as, the Lockview school app which is a free download in the App store.  These platforms are updated daily so any students interested in Athletics are encouraged to check them regularly.

* Tryouts for the Varsity Girls Soccer team will continue on Friday at 4 pm on the Lockview field.

* Tryouts for the Varsity Boys Soccer team will be held today at 4 pm and on Friday at 6 pm.  Both sessions will be on the Lockview field.

* Tryouts for the Varsity Boys Volleyball team will be held on Thursday and Friday this week at 4 pm in the gym.

* Tryouts for the Varsity Girls Volleyball team will begin this week on Thursday at 6 pm.

* Tryouts for the Baseball team will be held this week on Friday at 6 pm at Weir Field and Saturday at 4 pm at Lenihan field.

* Come out and cheer on our Football team as they open their season at home hosting Park View on the Lockvew field Thursday at 4:45 pm.