Lockview High School

February 6th, 2019

1) Good luck to the Girls Hockey team as they host Citadel today at 4 pm at the Sackville Arena.  The girls are to be dismissed at 2:45 pm.
2) The Athletics website is currently down indefinitely.  While a new site is being created, please refer to daily announcements on the school app for Athletics news.

*Lt. Governor Nomination Call
The Lieutenant Governor’s Medal is given to two (2) Grade 11 students who show a balance of leadership, strong community and school involvement, and have commendable marks.  
As a student or community member, please feel welcomed to nominate a deserving Grade 11 student by forwarding the Grade 11 student's name to Mr. Blakeney by Friday, Feb. 8th at jblakeney@hrce.ca.

*Anyone in grades 9-11 interested in writing either the Pascal, Cayley or Fermat math contests from Waterloo, please see Ms. Miles in room D207 any day this week at lunch. Contests will be written on Tuesday, Feb 26th, but must be ordered on Friday of this week. For more details, please speak to your math teacher or Ms. Miles.

*Hey Lockview!  Remember to join the Reading Challenge against JL Ilsley. Grab a book and READ then record how many pages you have read.  Give it to your English teacher or Mrs. Powell in the Library.  Every page counts. The Challenge runs from now until the end of March.

*Acts for Aids is happening on Tuesday. Buy your tickets in the forum at lunch, they’re $7.00.

*Lockview High has our own app.  Install it to keep on top of important information.

* If you are a grade 10 student who took art last semester and you want your sketchbook, painted portrait or any of the work you created returned to you, please come to the art room before the end of this week.

*MADD East Hants is hosting a Prom Dress sale at the Enfield fire hall on February 23 from 10 am until 1pm. Dresses are $25.  Discounts are also available on Hair and nails and there will be dress alterations if needed.  One lucky girl will win her dress! Hope to see you there!

*The Glass Slipper Organization will be hosting a Prom Dress giveaway for girls in financial need.  The giveaway will be this Saturday from 12pm – 4pm at the Halifax Central Library.  Proof of school enrollment is required.  If you have any questions please feel free to check out the Glass Slipper website, Instagram or Facebook.


African Heritage Month:
*Carrie Best was born on March 4, 1903, in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, to James and Georgina Ashe Prevoe.
In 1925, she married Albert T. Best and had a son, J. Calbert Best. Later, she became a foster mother to Berma, Emily, Sharon and Aubrey Marshall.
During the 1940s, Mrs. Best and her son Cal were arrested for sitting downstairs in the whites-only seats at the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow. Consequently, the pair was charged with disturbing the peace, convicted and fined.
In 1946, Mrs. Best founded The Clarion, the first Black-owned and published Nova Scotia newspaper. In 1952, her radio show, called The Quiet Corner, went on the air. It aired for 12 years and was broadcast on four radio stations throughout Canada’s Maritime Provinces. In 1968, she was hired as a columnist for the Pictou Advocate, a newspaper based in Pictou, Nova Scotia. The column ran until 1975 under the heading of “Human Rights.”
The following are some of Carrie Best’s most important achievements:
•  Member of the Order of Canada in 1974
• Awarded the Queen Elizabeth Medal in 1977
• Officer of the Order of Canada in 1979
• Awarded an honorary doctor of civil laws (DC.L.) from the University of King’s College, Halifax, in 1992
• Founded the Kay Livingstone Visible Minority Women’s Society of Nova Scotia in 1975
• Inducted into the Nova Scotia Black Wall of Fame in 1980
• Received the Harry Jerome Award in 1986
• Received the Harambee Membership Plaque in 1987
• Received the Black Professional Women’s Group Award Certificate in 1989
• Received the Minister’s Award of Excellence in Race Relations—Minister of State for Multiculturalism, in 1990
• Received the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission Award in 1991
• Received the Town of New Glasgow Award for work in race relations in 1992
• Received the Congress of Black Women Certificate in 1993
Carrie Best died in July 2001 in New Glasgow.