Lockview High School

April 7th, 2021

1) Congrats to the Varsity Girls Basketball team on their big win over SJA in the first round of the playoffs.  Lockview will now host the Metro semi-final on Thursday night at 8 pm.

2) Congrats to the Varsity Girls Rugby team as they defeated Halifax West 83-0 in an exhibition game yesterday.

3) Details for the Boys and Girls Lacrosse tryouts will hopefully be posted by the end of the day today on both the Athletics website and the School App.

4) The list of players for the Badminton team is posted on the Athletics website and the School App.  Players are reminded to check for their practice times next week. 

*If you have sweaters or hoodies that you are no longer using, please donate them to the Lockview Sweater drive. Bring sweaters in to your C block class to spread the warmth to someone in need.

*Guidance counsellors have completed meeting with all students to discuss course selection for next year.  If you have not spoken with your counsellor please make an appointment to do so.  Students are able to request seven courses in grade 11 and six courses in grade 12.  If you would like to take an additional course, you may request this online via the Google form which is available on the LHS website or via the link posted in the Student Services Google classroom. We still have a large number of grade 10 and 11 students who have not signed on to the Google classroom.  You are missing out on valuable announcements and opportunities.  If you require support joining, please drop by Student Services or email tellsworth@hrce.ca